Versailles – Paris / English

Versailles – Paris / English


This is a mini guide with all the necessary tips to make your visit to Versailles a super positive experience.

Versailles Palace, declared World Heritage of Humanity, is an unmissable visit if you are in Paris, it will probably take you a full morning and a little more, depending on how long you take to visit the gardens.


How to get there

The Palace is only 20 km from the center of Paris.

  • Take the regional train (RER) line C (the yellow one) at the Austerlitz station.
  • There are 13 stops until you reach the Gare de Versailles Château Rive Gauche station.
  • From there it’s about 10 minutes walking to the Palace gate.


It’s very important to buy your tickets in advance, because there’re usually very long lines to enter if you go without them.

Tip to save money: The first Sunday of the month the entrance to the Palace of Versailles is free for all visitors, although I recommend going before it opens, because the lines are eternal.

These are some of the multiple options that can be purchased through your website.

  • 1 day pass to access the entire complex, with specific schedule (includes show of fountains or musical gardens). Price: € 27
  • 2-day pass (includes fountain show or musical gardens). Price: € 30
  • Palace (includes only the entrance to the Palace and temporary exhibitions). Price: € 18
  • Trianon (includes only access to the Trianon and its gardens after noon). Price: € 12
  • Palace + Equestrian Academy of Versailles. Price: € 19

Take into account the ticket schedule you have purchased, and calculate how long it takes to get to the Palace, to arrive in time.

Recommendation: Avoid Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays (it’s the day that many museums doesn’t open in Paris, so many tourists visit Versailles)

Te recomiendo el tour de Civitatis

Opening Hours

  • Palace Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 09: 00-17:30 hs. (November – March) and until 6:30 p.m. (April – October).
  • Grand Trianon and Petit Trianon hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 12: 00-17:30 hs. (November – March) and until 6:30 p.m. (April – October).

Closed January 1st, May 1st and December 25th.

  • Gardens Hours: Everyday from 08:00-18:00 hs. (November – March) and until 8:30 p.m. (April – October).

What to see

There are 4 major attractions in Versailles

  • The Palace
  • The Gardens
  • The Trianon
  • Marie Antoinette

1- Palace

Within the most important rooms of the Palace, you can visit:

  • The hall of mirrors
  • Battle’s Gallery
  • King’s chambers
  • Queen’s chambers
  • Rooms fo Louis XIV

2- Gardens

To understand the extravagancy of that time in France, you only need to go a little deeper into these gardens. Surrounded by fountains, perfectly pruned trees and marble statues, touring these gardens walking transports you back in time. You can enter them without paying, as they works as a public park.

During March and October there are musical shows with dancing fountains, and you need to pay for that.

3- Trianon

If one Palace seems a lot, King Louis XV ordered the construction of this second Palace (Grand Trianon), much smaller, but equally luxurious.

The idea was to be used by the French monarchs resident in Versailles until the French Revolution.

4- Marie Antoinette

Called the Pettit Trianon, these domains of the Queen owned a theater, a zoo and a greenhouse, among other buildings. It’s surrounded by a French-style garden and an English-style garden.

It’s well known that Marie Antoinette, with a more bohemian soul, wanted to get away from the court, so she ordered her own village to be built inside Versailles.


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