Iguazú Falls / English

Iguazú Falls / English

Iguazú – “Big Water” –

This is one of the World’s New Seven Wonders of Nature. Located in the province of Misiones, Argentina, and shared with Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil.

Iguazu Falls in 3 days

Day 1: My recommendation is to start with the Brazilian side, in Foz do Iguaçu.

A good idea is to start with Parque Das Aves, close to the main entrance of the Falls.

Walking through all the park will take you a few hours, and all the paths will show you different flora and fauna from this region. All the birds are free in their habitat, and many of them are very friendly and will allow you to get really close, specially the toucans.

It’s a great place to visit, totally worthy.

Tickets price: General R$ 45 / Mercosur R$ 10

After visiting Parque Das Aves, you can go your way to Brazilian Iguaçu Falls.

The Brazilian side offers stunning views, and the walkways takes you through places where the panoramic views are really gorgeous.

Ticket price: General R$ 62 / Mercosur R$ 49

The paths of the Brazilian side has no difficulty, is a continuous walkway, and ends at a viewpoint that gives us images like these:

How to get to the Park from Puerto Iguazú

Keep in mind that you´ll need to cross the border, have your documents ready.

In “terminal” bus station in the city you can buy Round-trip tickets for ARS $80. The bus will stop in the brazilian border to check your documents, and then you´ll hop on again to continue the trip to the Park.

Photography Tip  ? To take panoramic pictures with a reflex that does not have the automatic tool, one third of the first image should be repeated in the second and so on. After unifying all the pictures, the joint is imperceptible (minimum 3 photos)

Day 2: The Argentinian side, is where you really live the falls. For this experience, you need to take all day long so you can visit all the Park.

As the walkways are really long, and you have different paths to follow, there are many places along the way to sit, drink and eat. And also, if you don’t want or you can’t walk all the trails, there are internal trains that take you to the most remote places.


With 80 mts of high, this is the waterfall with more water flow in the world. Its really extraordinary be walking through the path and listen to the tremendous noise of thousands of liters of water per second falling down.

Ticket Value:

General ARS $700 / Mercosur ARS $560 / Argentinians ARS $360

How to get to the Park from Puerto Iguazú

The bus company “Río Uruguay” will take you to the park from the city. The price of each way ticket is of ARS $130.

  • On the way: From Hito 3 Fronteras, from 7:30 am and a frequency of 30 minutes.
  • On the way back: from the Park Bus station, until 19:00 pm.

Day 3: ideal to stay in town and visit some of the top points.

Iguazú is a really small town, and with only 1 day you will be ok to visit the important places. – if you visit Iguazú during the summer, a good idea is to book a hotel with swimming pool-.

A famous point in the city is the monolith of the triple border between Argentina – Brazil – Paraguay.

There you’ll have a nice view to the river Paraná, and also can buy some souvenirs from the local artisans.

Tips for your trip in Iguazú
  • Coatis alert!

You will see a lot of alert signs in both Brazilian and Argentinian Parks, but is necessary to remark that coatis are nature thieves, and they’ll take anything they like as food, cameras, hats, mobiles, sunglasses, etc.

  • Experiences in the Park

There are several options to have extra fun during your visit. I highly recommend to catch the boat that takes you directly to the bottom of one of the most powerful waterfalls at the Argentinian side.

You can safely bring all your stuff, as in this tour they’ll give you a big plastic bag to protect your belongings from the water.

I also recommend a canoe trip during the sunset in the quite side of the river, surrounded by fauna and have a little rest after a complete day walking.

To visit the park at night, you have to check the available dates here.

  • Extra clothes

If you’re going to take the boat trip, you need to know that you’ll get off completely wet. You should have an extra cloth changing, and also have a swimsuit as an underwear.

  • When is the best time to go?

Between March / April / May is consider the best time to visit Misiones – Check before the national holidays to avoid visiting on those days-. Due to the tropical weather and the highs temperatures, our summer is almost unbearable.

Should you bring your camera?

As an amateur photographer, this a big concern, taking into consideration all the water that can destroy your camera. I was afraid also to miss all the amazing landscapes that this place has to offer.

The solution ?  take an additional accessory: a resealable bag.

There are also professional covers adapted to each camera model, but they are really expensive. I just used one of these bags, with a neatly trimmed and tapped hole in the lens.


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